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The Full Story of

Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company

Crysta-Lyn was founded in 1992 as a specialty chemical manufacturer, dedicated to the development, synthesis, and production of high value specialty organic ultraviolet, visible and near infrared dyes for the conventional and electronic imaging industries. As a company, we capitalized on our collective experience, engaging our unique industry knowledge to manufacture the complex chemicals required to supply this dynamic market.


Crysta-Lyn strives to develop novel chemicals for each customer, designing new formulations as required by each new application. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality dyes

Vision of Quality

Crysta-Lyn ensures a high purity of the compound for each batch of dye. We utilize a full suite of analytical quality controls, UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy, FTIR, HPLC, wettability, thermal studies and structural determination are completed before we ship out any product

What We Do

  • Perform multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules having unique properties.

  • Collaborative development with our customers to provide these molecules for research and development and commercial production of end-user products which satisfy specific requirements.

  • Tailored chemical analysis services to assist with quality evaluations to reduce product testing cycle times and costs.

Meet the Chemists


Frank Goroleski

Frank Goroleski has served as Crysta-Lyn’s President and the company’s head R&D Chemist since 1999.  He has been involved with the development of new organic dye synthesis since 1987. Frank’s experience includes new dye development and scale-up assistance with new products.  Frank’s other responsibilities include new development in NIR and fluorescent inks.


Brad Galusha

Crysta-Lyn’s Vice President, joined the company in in 2003 as a scale-up chemist, production chemist, and plant manager.  He brought significant value to the company, having worked in the chemical and coating industry since 1983.  Brad’s experience includes competitive analysis, bench research, synthetic scale-up, pilot plant, and production quantities.  He has also been involved in product development and production support of coated materials for ink jet media, diazo paper, and thermal media. 

The Future of Crysta-Lyn

Crysta-Lyn plans to continue to grow in both production capabilities and new technology. Crysta-Lyn collaborates with Binghamton University to develop new products, publish papers and access to top-of-the-line analytical equipment. In addition, Crysta-Lyn has partnered with material companies to develop new products and test applications of the current products. Crysta-Lyn is continuing to expand operations, investing in a new production facility and will soon be looking to take on more employees. 

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