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Contract Services

Custom Dye Synthesis

Crysta-Lyn offers synthesis of specialty chemicals to industries that can benefit from our expertise in custom complex organic chemical synthesis. If you cannot find a dye in our catalog, we will work with you to develop a custom dye for your application. Along with synthesis we offer:

  • trial quantities of new, proprietary chemicals for your internal evaluation

  • Ability to perform multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules 

  • Separation and purification of these molecules in high yield

  • Tailored chemical analysis services to assist with quality evaluations to reduce product testing cycle times and costs.​

Analytical Chemistry

Crysta-Lyn ships out only the highest quality materials. All products must pass our analytical quality control analysis:

  • UV/Vis/NIR Spectroscopy 

  • Fluorescence Spectroscopy

  • Infrared Spectroscopic Structure Analysis

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography 

  • Melting Point

  • Particle Size Control

Contract Manufacturing

Crysta-Lyn offers scale up manufacturing for custom developed dyes or desired dye structures. We will work with you to deliver commercial production of end-user products and efficiently scale up the volume for  commercialized dyes to meet your product performance requirements and project schedule.

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