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Crysta-Lyn offers a wide range of optical absorbers and emitters covering the entire range of ultraviolet, visible and the near infrared spectrum of light. Crysta-Lyn dyes have been used in a wide array of products that range from automotive, medical to renewable energy systems. The absorbing materials generated at Crysta-Lyn demonstrate high purity and absorptivity. Crysta-Lyn has generated emitting dyes that cover the visible spectrum, allowing fluorescent labeling systems, biosensors and security devices with specific wavelengths. Below is a brief description of a few of the applications Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company dyes are commonly used in.



Absorbing dyes can reduce noise gathered from LIDAR systems, block UV light from injuring optic systems and create interference systems for holograph displays.



Fluorescent Dyes are used in labeling applications for many medical processes. Crysta-Lyn's dyes exhibit high quantum yields allowing for greater resolution in imaging technology.




Absorbing dyes are used as light filters in the optics industry, removing the unwanted wavelengths of light. Emitting dyes are used as waveguides in fiber optic devices such as biosensors.


Renewable Energy

Crysta-Lyn provides absorbing dyes useful in many organic and inorganic photovoltaic devices. Ionic dyes have shown to be reliable coating material for the cathode of rechargeable batteries.

Renewable Energy

Graphic Design


Many absorption dyes have been used for laser assisted ablation of graphic plates to allow a high resolution templates. 

Graphic Design


Absorption based dyes are used in photolithography, a technique used in the making of electronic transistors. Emitting dyes are widely used in organic LED electronic devices. 


& Many More

  • Plastics

  • Optical Data Storage

  • Bioanalytical Sensors

  • Biomedical Analysis

  • NIR Markers

  • NIR Fluorescent Probes

  • Thermal Ablation

  • Silver Halide

  • Thin Film Technology

  • Fluorescence Imaging

  • Medical Imaging

  • Biology Imaging

  • Lithography

  • Laser Ablation

  • Luminescent Solar Concentrators

  • Laser Plastic Welding

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Plastics Extrusion

  • Plastics Lamination

  • Filters

  • Photodynamic Therapy

  • LED Absorbers
  • Holography
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